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In The Spotlight

Slow-tempo dreamy, thoughtful, deep ambient piano piece with airy acoustic soundscapes:

Beautiful light and uplifting cinematic piece. Perfect for drone fly-by footage, nature visuals, inspiring videos:

Warm, positive, uplifting, hopeful piano-based piece:

Heroic, uplifting orchestral track dedicated to the upcoming Olympic Games and Euro 2016 championship:

Popular Tracks

Addicted to Danger Cinematic Action Music

Inspirational Music for videos

Adventure Theme

Ideas Inspiration music for media

Latest Tracks

The Art Of War Action Trailer Music

Emotional Trailer Music Hollywood Epic

Legend Fantasy Music

The Mission Action and Suspense Music

Epic Hybrid Trailer Music

Creativity and Inspiration

Vibrant, positive and touching inspirational tracks:
A Better Way Inspiration Music

Moments Inspirational Instrumental Track

Kitty Waltz Magic Piano Background

Relax Corporate Inspiration Chillout by Double Lion

Peak Experiences Classical Motivational Music

Cinematic Inspiring Music

Classical Motivational Music for Media

Cinematic: Trailer Music and Soundtrack

Emotional and epic cinematic orchestral tracks:
Cinematic Trailer Music by Double Lion

Cinematic Action Hybrid Determined Fast

Cinematic Atmosphere Music

Epic Big Rock Trailer

Cinematic Background Music

Orchestral Mysterious Music

Cinematic Breakbeat Primary Objective by Double Lion

Action Scene Epic Chase Music

Cinematic Suspense Music

Cinematic Heroic Music

Mellow piano pieces:
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Music Packs: Save 50%
Creativity and Inspiration Pack 4 inspirational tracks with classical music scent
Cinematic Action and Suspense Pack A cinematic story – Suspense, Action and Epilogue
Short Trailer Ident Pack A combo of 4 short cinematic trailer music cues
Inspire Ideas Pack Gentle, uplifting, light music built around acoustic piano
Action Pack Electronic rhythms, aggressive synths and cinematic action orchestra
Hollywood Trailer Pack 3 epic/dramatic hybrid orchestral tracks
Attack Trailer Pack Aggressive, loud, epic, dramatic hybrid cinematic pieces

VideoHive authors, please feel free to download the preview and use my music. Just add a link to the track and also let me know when the work is published, so I can promote you as well!

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