Cinematic Action and Suspense Music Pack

Cinematic Action and Suspense Music Pack

This pack consists of 3 modern film or video game soundtrack tunes. A complete story: suspense, expectation, feeling the danger… the epic chase, pure cinematic action, percussion and drive… and the aftermath, a post-scriptum reflection, a glance back and a hopeful look into the future. Each track has useful additional variations.

Inside the pack:
The Epic Chase
- 1. Main version (2:05)
- 2. Open Riser 1 (0:16) [at 2:08 on the preview]
- 3. Open Riser 2 (0:30) [at 2:27 on the preview]
Following The Suspect
- 1. Main version (3:00) [starts at 3:05 on the pack preview]
- 2. Loop 1 (0:17) [at 6:07 on the preview]
- 3. Loop 2 (0:17) [at 6:25 on the preview]
- 4. Loop 3 (0:17) [at 6:42 on the preview]
- 5. Loop Stop (0:03) [at the end of Loop 3 on the preview]
Before the Closing Credits
- 1. Main version (2:06) [starts at 7:07 on the pack preview]
- 2. Subtle cue (0:50) [starts at 9:16 on the preview]
- 3. Ambient cue (0:35) [starts at 10:10 on the preview]

Total music pack’s length: 7:23 (only the main versions) or aprox. 10:44 (with all the variations / additional cues)

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Individual descriptions:

The Epic Chase is a cinematic action hybrid orchestral piece. Constant percussive movement, big drums, large brass section, agitated strings, dark electronic elements. Unrest and movement with deep darkness and danger in the background – this track creates the feeling of directed motion through large spaces. Great modern soundtrack for an action sequence.

Following The Suspect – cinematic suspense, orchestral/electronic hybrid track. This track will give you hollywood or video game style suspense with modern industrial-electronic layers. Predominantly dark colors blend together with slightly melancholic motives in the fist half, while in the second the composition gets a stronger rhythmical backbone. The constant movement creates anticipation of some action to take place any moment. You also get 3 very useful loops that can be used to maintain the mood longer or even create an adaptive soundtrack!

Before The Closing Credits – a look back at the ruins, all that is lost. One story ends, another one begins. A new hope, a new beginning. This is a modern movie or video game soundtrack piece that conveys the feelings of heroism, sadness and hope. Its first part is a look back, reflection on the past, while the second part is filled with courage and fortitude, hopeful look at the future. The piece ends with an unresolved chord: a beautiful open ending.

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