Following The Suspect

Following The Suspect

Cinematic suspense, orchestral/electronic hybrid track. This track will give you hollywood or video game style suspense with modern industrial-electronic layers.

Predominantly dark colors blend together with slightly melancholic motives in the fist half, while in the second the composition gets a stronger rhythmical backbone. The constant movement creates anticipation of some action to take place any moment.

You also get 3 very useful loops that can be used to maintain the mood longer or even create an adaptive soundtrack!

Included in the download:

1. Main version (3:00)
2. Loop 1 (0:17) [starts at 3:03 on the preview]
3. Loop 2 (0:17) [at 3:21 on the preview]
4. Loop 3 (0:17) [at 3:39 on the preview]
5. Loop Stop (0:03) [at the end of Loop 3 on the preview]

On the preview Loop 1, 2 and 3 are played one after another seamlessly, as an example of creating a logical progression. Each part can be looped to repeat longer and will glue perfectly in any order.

This track is related to The Epic Chase (pure cinematic action!) and Before The Closing Credits (post-action reflection and heroic hopeful ending).

Would you like me to further develop musical themes of this track and create a soundtrack tailored specifically for your project? Need a special cut that fits your production precisely? Contact me via my profile page!

Here is a logical continuation of “Following The Suspect” – perfect action sequence soundtrack:

Action Scene Epic Chase Music

And beautiful hopeful/heroic open ending piece: Heroic Soundtrack


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