Sunlight Memories

Sunlight Memories

Cinematic and inspiring, this medium tempo instrumental piece brings hope, harmony and joy. Intertwined patterns, dialogue between different instruments, constant developing movement – this composition is like a story. It reaches its inspired, hopeful, bright climax and has a beautiful more-to-come open epilogue.

This is a perfect soundtrack for those moments of simple true happiness in life. Slideshows, visually enticing presentations, travel, inspirational or romantic videos – this piece will bring some magic to your narrative – keep it in the background or give it a leading role.

Flexible length to match your project perfectly! You will get the following audio files with your download:

1. Complete Version with the Epilogue (3:28)
2. Short Version (1:17)
3. Epilogue (0:52)

- You can easily fade out after the climax in the Complete Version, giving you the length of 2:39.
- You can attach the Epilogue to the Short Version, giving you the length of 2:01.
- You can postpone the Epilogue

This track is also included in the music pack (4 tracks for half-price):
Creativity and Inspiration Pack

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