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Royalty Free Romantic & Sentimental Music Tracks

Choose from over 40,800 royalty free romantic & sentimental music tracks. Explore items created by our global community of independent musicians and audio engineers, confident they're hand-reviewed by us.

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Time to set that romantic mood!

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Welcome to the sweetest, most tender and lovey-dovey music collection on AudioJungle! These romantic music tracks are perfect to create a sentimental mood to get you, your clients, and whoever is listening into the spirit of love. Professionals from all over the world create these tracks to allow you to lay the base for a love song, or to set the scene for an emotional and heartfelt story to unfold.

There's a lot to gain from using romantic royalty free music. It's obviously great to set the right mood for your project-a movie wouldn't be the same without a great soundtrack!-but there's more to it:

  • These tracks are the perfect accompaniment to wedding videos. You can celebrate the day you married that special someone with a heartfelt video, for example. Or if you're a video producer yourself, you can use these tracks and pair them with the wedding videos you create for your clients. Or, even better! If you're getting married, you might want to walk down the aisle to something a little more special and unique.
  • They're for more than just traditional romantic relationships. It's not always about a romantic kind of love. We also have love for our families, friends, pets and more. So you can create a project that's not romantic, but that needs a sentimental and loving feel to it. You'll definitely find a track for that in our collection.
  • Romantic music is also great for creating a soothing atmosphere. A video or a track with this kind of tunes will allow whoever is watching or listening to wind down at the end of a day with a cup of tea, and enjoy the healing qualities of music with soothing soul-warming rhythms.

Created by our great community of talented professionals, these tracks have all been hand-reviewed by our team. So you can browse the collection knowing that all the music you find meets specific quality standards, and has been produced by real experts.

So what else can you expect from our wide collection? Let's see:

  • Clear, top-quality tracks. Produced by professionals with high-quality equipment, these tracks feature clear music with crisp sounds. You can preview the tracks and listen to them before you purchase, so put your headphones on and hear the build of a romantic violin or enjoy the delicate rhythm of a guitar as it plays out.
  • A wide variety of tunes. A great soundtrack will make you shed a tear at just the right moment! And there's a lot of different types of music that will get that job done. Try some of the ever-popular piano tracks, head over to wedding to find the right music for the "Best day ever, or get some peaceful music to set a calm, soothing mood. And if you're afraid of getting too cheesy, try some uplifting tunes to avoid excessive seriousness ;)
  • Repetitive arrangements available. Need a track that works perfectly as a good loop? You just need to browse through the collection, and feel free to play the samples over and over again. Or find a universal beat that will serve you for years to come.
  • High quality cinematic sounds for any occasion. You can use them for commercials, YouTube videos and more, to evoke those sentimental feelings you desire.

And if you need some inspiration for your next composition, check out 11 Ways to Find Immediate Inspiration for Your Next Composition.