Epic Increase

Epic Increase

Dramatic, cinematic epic trailer with powerful orchestra, emotional melody and a following triumph. Including instruments: large percussion, epic choir, teaser sound effects, big rhythmic drums, great ethnic vocals, heroic strings, exciting horns, powerful taikos, grand bell and awesome riser fx. The track starts and slowly grows up with soft piano and staccato / spiccato strings.

Perfect for a movie trailer, discovery, slow motion video, commercial, sports trailer, opening, video game teaser, tv advertisement and a projects that require sound similar to Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine and Hanz Zimmer.

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Purchase Includes 3 Versions, All In MP3 / WAV

• Epic Increase main – 2:25
No soloist vocal version – 2:25
• Looped version – 2:18 (not included in the preview)

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Videohive Authors

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