We Are Taking Over

We Are Taking Over

“We Are Taking Over” is a powerful rock instrumental inspired by legendary bands like ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Guns N’ Roses. Old school mentality meets modern but raw and strong sound.

The chunky main guitar riff gives the song its confident swagger and verses provide some steady background between the riff sections. This song has perfect sound for all masculine subjects, especially bikers, motorcycles, and cars.

In addition to the main version you also get four alternate versions. These additional versions make your job easy as you can mix and match them to your project´s needs. You can hear all five versions in the preview.

Instruments used in this song:
-Bass guitar
-Distorted & overdriven electric guitars (Rhythms & leads)

The purchased .ZIP file includes 5 different versions:
Main version (2:33)
Alternate version (2:37)
Logo version #1 (0:10)
Logo version #2 (0:08)
Main version without lead melodies (2:33)

See & hear this track in a video: Parallax Freeze Frame AE project by Videolancer

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