Turn It Up

Turn It Up

“Turn It Up” is an upbeat and energetic rock song with male vocals in the choruses and some “hey-hey” gang vocals in the outro.

Come on, let´s go! Let´s turn it up, oh-oh!
Come on, come on, come on, let´s get this show on the road!
Come on, let´s go!

In addition to the main version with vocals you´ll get an instrumental version and three other versions by purchasing this item. These several variations make it easy for you to fit the song in your project. You can hear all versions in the preview.

Instruments used in this song:
-Bass guitar
-Overdriven & distorted electric guitars (Rhythms & leads)
-Clean electric guitars
-Vocals (male)

The purchased .ZIP file includes 5 different versions:
Main version (2:07)
Instrumental version (2:07)
Short version (0:57)
Short instrumental version (0:57)
Logo version (0:05)

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