Simple Generic Heavy Rock

Simple Generic Heavy Rock

Sometimes you just need a generic rock instrumental for your video projects. Here you go, license this track to give your project some of that heavy rock sound without sounding too “metal”.

This piece is great as background music for a wide variety of videos and the simple composition makes it stay back enough not to gain too much attention. The alternate “short” and “logo” versions make great openers for your video as they incorporate intros tailored for that use.

In addition to the main version you get four alternate versions. These additional versions make your job easy as you can mix and match them to your project´s needs. You can hear all five versions in the preview.

Instruments used in this song:
-Bass guitar
-Distorted & overdriven electric guitars

The purchased .ZIP file includes 5 different versions:
Main version (1:39)
Short version #1 (0:49)
Short version #2 (0:46)
Logo version #1 (0:09)
Logo version #2 (0:14)

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