New Year Countdown Funk

New Year Countdown Funk

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New Year Countdown Funk is a super funky, energetic and upbeat New Year Countdown track ideal for the party time! ! Celebrate the good times and let the music play loud! A fascinating and fun last minute of the year! Words that describe this track are: applause, celebration, clock, clock countdown, countdown, funk, funky, groove, upbeat, party, energetic, fireworks, holidays, last year, new year, new year celebration, new year countdown, new year eve, old clock, one minute celebration, one minute countdown, special events, ticking, Ticking Clock. The perfect track to choose after the Christmas period.

This track features 3 versions for extra versatility and usability.

  • Version 1 (Music + all SFX) 1:40
  • Version 2 (Music + clock ticks) 1:40
  • Version 3 (Music only) 1:40

  • Christmas is here!!

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    CNY 2020 is also almost here…Get ready now!

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