Motivated Electro Pack

Motivated Electro Pack

Motivated Electro Music Pack

Collection of great 4 inspirational, emotive and motivate music tracks to fit perfectly as a background to your commercials, business and home presentations, promos, sport videos, slide shows, etc..

Track list:

1) Turn It Up 2:08

High energetic opening house music track that can be used in television production as underlying sound for opening sequences in dynamic TV or internet programs, as well as compound jingle for TV announcements in sports, fashion, music,movie or TV program.

  • Turn It Up – Full Mix 2:08
  • Turn It Up – Cut B 1:30
  • Turn It Up – Cut C 0:45
  • Turn It Up – Cut D 0:25

2) Dubstep It Up3:00

This dubstep track has a heavy hard bass line, syncopated rhythms and a futuristic vibe. Featuring urban and experimental elements of breakbeat, this piece fuses an aggressive synth sound with dark drums and bass. Heavy, electronic and edgy.

This track comes with 4 versions:

  • Dubstep It Up Full Mix 3:00 Min
  • Dubstep It Up Cut C 1:10
  • Dubstep It Up Cut D 0:53

3) Four On The Floor 2:20

This track is uplifting and energetic basic House/Techno Track with two Parts.

4) Free Your Mind 3:03
This is a Chill Out/House/Dance 128 Bpm groove track, great for Fashion programs, Style Videos, Catwalk scenes in movies and everything evolving the modelling business. Relaxed and smooth music perfect as a background and Spinning Sport.

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