Dare to Fly

Dare to Fly

‘Dare to Fly’ is an emotional, epic vocal track, with inspirational lyrics and music. With an emotional piano performance, a hollywood style orchestral arrangement, and a soaring vocal, it’s designed to lift spirits, and bring out the feeling of your project.

With stirring melodies and a climactic chorus, it’s suitable for many projects that need to tell a story of triumph against the odds, or heroic human endeavour.

A vocal and non vocal version is included for editing convenience. I do hope you like this track, and find it useful for your project.

0:00 – 4:06 With Vocals
4:06 – 8:12 Without Vocals


Verse 1:

theres a voice inside the silence,
hear it whispering your name,

you hear the call in every heartbeat,
like it flows within your veins,

So stand up, you can conquer any mountain if you
don’t stop reaching for the stars,


If you could just see what I see
there’s a hero in your heart
you’d dare to believe, dare to dream,
dare to spread your wings and fly

Verse 2:

You write the pages of your story
with every single step
sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
but you can’t give up yet,


Theres a dream you gotta follow
So take hold and never let go
Cause you have the strength inside
Everything will be alright
to that voice just remain true,
and your heart, it will guide you
until the end of time