Buy purchasing from this account you will help protect the unique marine resources of Palawan, Philippines and the people who depend on them.

This account was created and is supported by the many contributing musicians, developers and artists within the Envato community to support by way of donating all earnings made through this account to helping protect the marine environment of Palawan, Philippines and in turn helping support the local communities that rely on them.

The Philippines is an island archipelago containing over 7,100 islands and is part of what is called the “Coral Triangle” and has one of the highest levels of marine biodiversity in Asia. The island of Palawan and its surrounding waters are considered the “last frontier” of the Philippines, because of it geographical location many places on the island are living 10+ years behind current times. However, the exploitation of the resources by neighboring islands and other countries is indeed accelerating into a 21st century rate.

Reason to donate: (current realities)
The average living wage for a laborer in the Philippines is roughly 150 pesos ($3.00 US) per day. The reality though is that many families make much less than that at around only 75-100 pesos per day. This wage when added to an abused and over-stressed environment has led to a situation where most farmers, fisherfolk (the main job sectors) and skilled laborers are working every day to earn just enough to buy rice for that days meal.

Why is there such hardship? One of the main reasons for major levels of hardship is the lack of law-enforcement in regards to protecting the marine environment. There are excellent federal laws in place, like Republic Act 8550 which gives the local fishermen legal domain over their municipal waters (15km from shore) and promotes conservation and sustainability. However, a major problem the local fisherfolk face is lacking the resources to enforce these laws and in-turn the criminals go unpunished (after the damage is done). Currently the marginal fishersfolks biggest threats are by illegal commercial fisherman, dynamite fisherman and cyanide fisherman. While commercial fishing is a giant threat to the low-level fisherman, it is the cyanide and dynamite fisherman which do the greatest long-term damage by destroying the living coral reefs which the fish and other invertebrates rely on for spawning, habitat and shelter.

Our Hope:
By purchasing from this account you will be assisting to the education, protection and law-enforcement of the already established Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s), the creation of additional MPA’s and ultimately be supporting the fisherfolk livelihood upon which everyone in the community relies. Not only will you be helping to protect the local families in creating a sustainable future, but you will also be assisting in protecting another one of our worlds quickly fading natural wonders.


Current Goal(s):
To establish Mooring Buoy’s outside of each Marine Protected Area in order to allow safe access to fishing grounds while protecting the corals and marine life below from the constant damage of anchors being dropped and dragged along the sea floor.

All accomplishments will be posted as we reach each goal.

Currently with your support and help we have been able to created this boat for the monitoring the marine protected areas and provided important environmental education outreach and livelihood skills.

Boat / Bhangka:

Thank you for your support.
Maraming salamat po (thank you very much).
- Vaisnava

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