When Home Comes to You

When Home Comes to You

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An acoustic pop track to bring life and character to your next project!

This song tell a story of friendship, family, and how the connections we forge make us feel at home where ever we are. With a wide variety of applications including photo slideshows, family shots, holiday videos, real estate promotions, reunion videos and much more.

A special shout out to my friend Eric who birthed the concept behind this music. You’re a legend, thanks buddy!


0:00 – 4:38 With Vocals
4:38 – 9:16 Without Vocals


When home comes to you

Verse 1:

I’ll hang your picture on my wall
For days gone by I recall
those memories etched in my mind
When our lives intertwined
a moment frozen in time for me and you

Verse 2:

(and) Just like the waves across the sea,
We were strong, wild and free,
Oh how we laughed, how we cried,
Our voices echoed through the night,
Nothing mattered in this world ‘cept you and me


And though the days can pass me by, I’ll not forget
Cause when we meet again,
It’s like you never left

And that’s when home, home, home comes to you,
It doesn’t matter where you are, some things are always true,

There are those that leave a mark upon our hearts we never lose,
(LAST CHORUS: When you had to let somebody go, but they return to you)

And that’s when home, that’s when home,
When home comes to you.

Verse 3:

As the years go marching on,
The bonds that formed are just as strong
As our futures unfurled
It was us against the world,
There was nothing that we felt we couldn’t do


The way you shaped my life is hard to comprehend,
One look at you feels like,
I’ve come home again