Tango Pack

Tango Pack

Tango Pack - 1

Three dramatic soundtracks designed to create a theatrical feeling to your projects.


This package contains songs which have different versions of it. To listen to each individual versions please click on desired track link. In this preview you will here the main file of each songs only.

1. Tango
2:07 @ (0:00 to 2:07 in preview)
A hot, emotional yet dramatic tango soundtrack designed to create a sense crave and desire for passionate love. With an epic violin solo that will grab you in a moment of exhilaration and bring you to the Grand Finale. (4 versions included)
  • Tango (full version – intro A) 2:07
  • Tango (full version – intro B) 2:07
  • Tango (short version) 0:48
  • Tango (logo/ident) 0:18

2. Tango for Two 2:12 @ (2:07 to 4:20 in preview)
A dramatic but also exciting and fun tango soundtrack designed to create a sense desire and passion. Great for a wide range of settings including TV commercials, movies, YouTube videos, funny or dramatic scenes and more. (2 versions included)
  • Tango for Two (full version) 2:12
  • Tango for Two (shorter version) 1:40

3. Flamenco Passion 2:22 @ (4:20 to 6:43 in preview)
Feel the stomps and claps of this exciting Spanish soundtrack with great rhythmic guitar, passionate violin and a whole lot of percussions. Ideal for passionate yet powerful videos or presentations and more. (2 versions included)
  • Flamenco Passion (full version) 2:22
  • Flamenco Passion (short version) 1:06

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