Sport Motivational Epic Rock Trailer

Sport Motivational Epic Rock Trailer


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Sport Epic Rock Trailer ideal for: Sports presentations, cars, power, big and strong emotions, motivational stories, stories of victory. TV trailers, corporate videos, and more.

Motivational Epic Sport Trailer is a dramatic, motivational music for action trailers and sport videos. You also can use it for a stylish music background in advertising.

It’s a great background rock music for any sport event, GoPro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting scenes, action type adverts, advertising, healthy lifestyle presentations, sport video footage, action trailers, action films, sport timelapse, couching, training, workout, vlogs, blogs, inspiring youtube videos, etc.

Powerful hybrid cinematic track with rock guitars, punchy drums and orchestra. Mood of the track is motivational, inspirational, epic, brave, dramatic, emotional. This track will be suitable for sport motivational, inspirational videos, slow motion video, active travel and adventure videos, commercials, trailers, highlights.

Zip file includes three verisons:

1. Main – 3:09

2. Short 1 – 1:57

3. Short 2 – 1:22

4. Short 3 – 1:00

5. Short 4 – 0:28

WAV and MP3 files included

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