Smart Choices

Smart Choices

Smart Choices is a happy and confident tune, with grooving rhythm and a positive melody. The general feeling is bright and cheerful. The melody, played by glockenspiel and xylophone, is accompanied by piano and pop band (having, also, a small brass and woodwind section). Suitable for a corporate project or any playful, optimistic or funny situation.

There are included three versions of this track:

01. Smart Choices – 1:56 (00:00 – 1:55 in the preview file)

02. Smart Choices (short version) – 00:31 (01:55 – 02:26 in the preview file) – suitable for a short add or dynamic presentation

03. Smart Choices (extended version) – 3:07 (02:28 – 05:35 in the preview file) – very useful for easy editing, in case your project needs an other succession of the sections


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Childish Dramatic Energy Fantasy Happy Holiday_Seasonal Irony Melancholic Motivational Positive Powerful Romantic

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Ambient Cinematic Electronic Ethnic Minimal Pop_Rock Symphonic

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Add Audiobook Children Corporate Game Presentation Theatre Trailer Tutorial

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Acoustic Percussion Bells_JingleBells Brass Celesta Electronic Percussion Ethnic Flute Guitar Harp Horn Orchestra Percussion Piano Strings Symphonic Orchestra Synth_Electronic Tambourine Triangle Trumpet Ukulele

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