Four Positive and Playful Movements for Piano and Strings

Four Positive and Playful Movements for Piano and Strings


Four Positive and Playful Movements for Piano and Strings

Happy, positive, playful and joyful. You will find this pack (suite) – for piano and strings quintett – useful for a wide range of projects from finance/banking to hystoric or travel presentations, educational or children/parenting information.

Beside the full length tracks, there are included short versions (for the movements where it is indicated); all files are in both .wav and .mp3 formats.

In the .zip file:

01.The First Movement

01a.The First Movement – full version 1:04 (0:00 – 1:02 in the preview file)

01b.The First Movement – short version – 0:44 (1:02 – 1:45 in the preview file)

02.The Second Movement

02.The Second Movement – full version 1:12 (1:45 – 2:55 in the preview file)

03.The Third Movement

03a.The Third Movement – full version 0:56 (2:55 – 3:48 in the preview file)

03b.The Third Movement – short version 0:39 (3:48 – 4:24 in the preview file)

04.Dancing Flowers

04a.Dancing Flowers – full version 2:06 (4:24 – 6:28 in the preview file)

04b.Dancing Flowers – medium version 0:53 (6:28 – 7:22 in the preview file)

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