Piano and Strings

Piano and Strings

This composition has a light and romantic mood. Flowing movement of this music can add some cinematic and motivational elegance to your project.

This Composition was carefully designed to become Longer or Shorter and it has 4 Parts . All parts have been looped , so you can make this track as long or as short as you wish,or you can change the progression of the parts(you can start right from the 3-rd part (with a cellos and solo)

Composition performed by professional pianist.

Please check the content of the ZIP below :

1.Main Complete Composition, Length 2:24,wav and mp3 files.

2.Loop 1 (part1 without solo) Length 0:36,wav and mp3 files

3.Loop 2 (part 2 with a solo )Length 0:36,wav and mp3 files.

4.Loop 3(part 3 with an orchestra) Length 0:36,wav and mp3 files.

5.Loop 4( part 4 ,Special Last) Length 0:36 , last chords held out to decay. *Always use this one as a last one .

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