Inspirational / Epic / Positive / Optimistic and inspirational Piano composition with the Orchestral Strings ,Timpani and Taiko Drums. Perfect for inspirational romantic videos,documentary, autumn slide-shows, charity video, sensitive video, motivational video, corporate video, website, vlog, youtube, motivational presentation, social projects, adventure video, travel video, action video, trailer, nature video and other tasty and gentle projects. Sounds like dramatic piano, emotional piano, sentimental piano, modern classical piano, minimal piano.  photo 37675549-eda2-4c6e-a2e5-6e2074cfe749_zpsgvmjjuf1.jpg

Perfect for inspirational, nature, life and travel videos, slideshows, show-reel, social projects, advertising.

Zip Contains : wav,mp3 and info files.

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