Music In Your Step

Music In Your Step

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Greetings all! Benji here with another fun pop vocal song to get some toes tapping. Modern acoustic pop style track in the style of “Train”, “Imagine Dragons” and “Jason Mraz”. This track is all about lifting spirits, making smiles, and being positive despite how things may look or how you feel. A lot of hard work went into this one. Listen right through to the end and you’ll even get to hear a full marching band! I hope you can use this in your projects and above all you enjoy the music!



0:00-4:12 Song with Vocals
4:12-8:24 Song without Vocals


Verse 1:
Throw beck the covers and I rub my eyes
Now what is it I see?
In the mirror I can see my own reflection
and he’s staring back at me
He said:
“In a day there are countless ways a million possibilities
so sleepy head, hear what I said, get out of bed
Now don’t you have some place to be?”


And then he said:
“Hey there, what you lagging for?
Turn the frown upside down and get on out the door
Hey you, what you gunna do?
The circumstances they don’t change before the attitude
You don’t, need a sunny sky
Wait for too long and your wholes gunna pass you
Just put some music in your step
and it can go a little something like this, ”

Wo oh oh….

Verse 2:

To my surprise could not believe my eyes
Now what did I just see?
Step out the bedroom, down the hallway to the kitchen,
And I poor myself coffee
There I am again in the coffee cup saying
“to thyself be true”
I guess I’ll try to swallow my own advice
Im gunna need some caffeine too.



So live life from your heart
and take hold of this moment
and Give it all you’ve got
Cause it won’t come round again

Doesn’t matter how you start
or even how you got here
You just got to play your part X 3

Chorus X 2


Rain hail or shine
see I just don’t mind
I change my attitude
Im going to make it through
There aint no problem we can’t overcome
It aint over yet
with a little music in my step

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