Modern Glassy User Interface Pack

Modern Glassy User Interface Pack

About this sound pack.

This pack of user interface sounds provides the perfect set of accents to give your game or app a clean, modern, and engaging feel. Includes notification/alert chimes, shorter button interactions, and data/counter loops, giving you a complete set with lots of flexibility.

Included Files.

There are FOURTEEN (14) individual user interface sounds included in this sound effect pack. Each is approximately 1-2 seconds, except the shorter button sounds (< 1 sec). The counters are both 1 second seamless loops. Here they are in order of appearance in the preview track:

  1. Chime 01 (2 seconds)
  2. Chime 02 (1.8 seconds)
  3. Chime 03 (1.6 seconds)
  4. Chime 04 (2 seconds)
  5. Chime 05 (2.1 seconds)
  6. Chime 06 (1.9 seconds)
  7. Chime 07 (2.2 seconds)
  8. Chime 08 (2.2 seconds)
  9. Button 01 (0.1 seconds)
  10. Button 02 (0.1 seconds)
  11. Button 03 (0.1 seconds)
  12. Button 04 (0.3 seconds)
  13. Data Counter Loop 01 (1 second)
  14. Data Counter Loop 02 (1 second)

Each sound is its own separate file, included as both a full resolution WAV as well as a high quality MP3 for quick and easy use on the web and portable devices.

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and please feel free to contact me with any of your sound or music needs!