Message from Heaven

Message from Heaven

If only Mozart could hear that one … Hi folks. After very long break I found some time to create this piece. I mentioned this great composer as in this one in the breakdown in the middle piano melody is inspired by piano concerto no.21 and the rest by I think christian rock music thing I was listen on some internet radio.

What you’ll find here … actually everything. Acoustic and electric guitars along with nice strings and obviously heavenly grand piano. There is a little bit of ukulele in the background. Moderate tempo and not very long – just under 3min.

I suppose to write few words about the mood, but since in this category most music is very similar I’ll just count on luck.

Where you could you use it … mhm. That’s good question. Since music is very subjective to individual taste I may be wrong – but also right. I called it Message from Heaven as this music would fit perfectly to religious material – church promotion, books, holy events and all sort of holidays, worship broadcast. videos.

Eco-rporate 2
Eco-rporate 3
Eco-rporate 4
Eco-rporate 5
Eco-rporate 6
Eco-rporate 7
Eco-rporate 8
Eco-rporate 9
Eco-rporate 10
Eco-rporate 11
Eco-rporate 11 remix
Eco-rporate 12
Eco-rporate 13

Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
media intro 2
media loop 1
media loop 2
media loop 3