Eco-rporate 6

Eco-rporate 6

Some time ago I come up with this great corporate motivational tune - here – which became quite success – it was even on the top on weakly sales. It actually give me this kind of kick to produce some more that kind of stuff. Based on “natural” instruments – drums, guitars, pianos, strings … etc.

I know for sure from one of customers where it was used and to be honest with you it did work well – promotional video for book about positive thinking. Don’t you think ?

Anyway … I’m trying to bring something similar to that very first Eco-rporate and I think this one is the closest one, however keeping unique climate.

So there you go – more than 2 mins. very positive music.

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Nice and “soft” house style loop:

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...and some drum and bass stuff:

media intro 1

media intro 2

media loop 1

media loop 2

media loop 3