Lounge Kit

Lounge Kit

Lounge Kit - 1

A soulful and emotional french downtempo lounge Music Kit, made from the top rated and top selling Crazy Tunes track: Soulful Downtempo Lounge

With a deep and steady beat, Acoustic Floor Bass, Rhodes, Piano, Tremolo-Phone, Vibraphone, Shakers, HandClaps and Female Vocal Moans.
Tempo: 83 bpm.

Lounge Kit

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Lounge Kit


The zip contains the following 16 wave files (with and without tales) that are easily re-arranged and put together just like you prefer!

01_Intro_No_Bass (0:11)
Intro without bass

02_Intro_Bass (0:11)
Intro with Bass

03_Simple (0:23)
Simple Main Round

04_Normal (0:23)
With extra Tremolo Phone and Shakers

05_No_Bass (0:11)
No Bass

06_Breakdown (0:23)
Breakdown with Tremolo Phone

07_Breakdown_add_Drums (0:23)
Breakdown with Tremolo Phone, Drums and Guitar

08_Add_Jazz (0:23)
Jazz added

09_Add_Glockenspiel (0:23)
Glockenspiel Melody Added

10_Add_HighNote (0:23)
High Note Piano Added

11_All (0:23)

12_Outro_No_Bass (0:11)
Outro without bass

13_Outro (0:11)
VOutro with Bass

14_Drums_Only (0:23)
Only Drums

15_No_Drums_No_Bass (0:23)
No Drums No Bass

16_No_Drums (0:23)
No Drums

Plus of cause the main demo mix – ready for use:

Demo (4:05)

And much more information in the Lounge_Music_Kit_Documentation

Lounge Kit

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Lounge Kit - 8

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Lounge Kit