Soulful Downtempo Lounge

Soulful Downtempo Lounge

Soulful Downtempo Lounge

A soulful and emotional french downtempo lounge track with a cool steady beat, acoustic floor bass, tremolo phone and female vocal moans.

Understated yet a very catchy lounge track – full of the warmth of summer nights and oozing creative positive vibes.

A cozy soulful downtempo lounge track that keeps building around a catchy Rhodes and vibraphone theme. Simple but with the hooks you have been looking for.

With a deep and steady beat, acoustic floor bass, rhodes, piano, tremolo phone, vibraphone, shakers, hand claps and small catchy melody lines.

Soulful Downtempo Lounge

Included Files

There are 4 versions in the zip. (all in both wave and mp3)

● 01. Original: 4:04
● 02. Edit: 2:02
● 03. Short: 1:04
● 04. Tiny: 0:30

Track Features

Featuring amorous closeup female vocal moans that gives you that intense and soulful downtempo vibe that would sit perfectly in the hype reel of a teaser or TV Pilot.

Backed by a rough dusty beat, analogue drums machines and vintage Wurlitzer and Rhodes keys.

Other instruments include synths, glockenspiel, live shakers, hand claps and strings.

Perfect For…

● Soulful Advertising
● Downtempo TV Commercials
● Laidback Videos
● Soulful YouTube Channels
● Smooth Promotion
● Sensual Teasers
● Soulful Nighttime Pilot pieces

Any project that needs a good dose of a Soulful Lounge vibe and that feel-good downtempo hit will come to life with this exclusive Soulful Downtempo Lounge track.

Soulful Downtempo Lounge

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Soulful Downtempo Lounge