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Very effective song. Bravo !

Thank you! :)

Fantastic track!

Thanks! :)

Incredible, energetic track charges for the day, a beautiful voice Benji, cool pink zebra, respect! It is a masterpiece! :)

Thanks so much for your kind comments, MusicalGift. Thanks for listening :)

I just love this song! Often listen to it as a cure, really! Bless you, pinkzebra! This deserves 20K+ sells!

Hey Silvy, thanks so much! I’m so happy this song has connected with you :)

Beautiful song!

Thank you :)

Dear pinkzebra, i adore your song and have a question about licensing. i would like to use this song (or parts of it) for more than one youtube-videos which show my work as a photographer. which license do i have to choose?

Hi PropellerK. Thanks for your interest in my song. The AudioJungle Music Standard license allows you to use the music track in one video. It is a one-use license. Therefore, if you wish to use it in an additional video, an additional license must be purchased.

This is my favorite track on AJ. I just love listening to it. Just want to say thanks for sharing this with the world. :)

Thanks so much for your kind note. It is very fulfilling for me to know that this song connected with you in a meaningful way :)

Wow, wow, wowza! This song just went to the top of my “must-buy” list! So upbeat, fun and inspirational. Perfect vocals and composition! I stumbled upon it while searching for a VideoHive animation element that used it and the song made my day. Now I just need to find a project to use it on. Bravo Pink Zebra and Benji!

Thanks, Scott! I’m so glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks for listening and thanks for your kind comments :)

Hi, Zebra! Just created new wedding slideshow with your track best and created link in the description – https://videohive.net/item/wedding/21250593

Have a nice day!

Hi there. Cool! I will put up links for this one and the other two today. Thanks for using my music! :)

Hi my names Brumoo I can sing this song again?

You could sing song along with the instrumental version for a YouTube video, school performance, or something of that nature. You cannot sing to the track and try to sell it in any way (CD, iTunes, Spotify, etc.).That would violate the license agreement.