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Very effective song. Bravo !

Thank you! :)

Fantastic track!

Thanks! :)

Incredible, energetic track charges for the day, a beautiful voice Benji, cool pink zebra, respect! It is a masterpiece! :)

Thanks so much for your kind comments, MusicalGift. Thanks for listening :)

I just love this song! Often listen to it as a cure, really! Bless you, pinkzebra! This deserves 20K+ sells!

Hey Silvy, thanks so much! I’m so happy this song has connected with you :)

Beautiful song!

Thank you :)

Dear pinkzebra, i adore your song and have a question about licensing. i would like to use this song (or parts of it) for more than one youtube-videos which show my work as a photographer. which license do i have to choose?

Hi PropellerK. Thanks for your interest in my song. The AudioJungle Music Standard license allows you to use the music track in one video. It is a one-use license. Therefore, if you wish to use it in an additional video, an additional license must be purchased.

This is my favorite track on AJ. I just love listening to it. Just want to say thanks for sharing this with the world. :)

Thanks so much for your kind note. It is very fulfilling for me to know that this song connected with you in a meaningful way :)

Wow, wow, wowza! This song just went to the top of my “must-buy” list! So upbeat, fun and inspirational. Perfect vocals and composition! I stumbled upon it while searching for a VideoHive animation element that used it and the song made my day. Now I just need to find a project to use it on. Bravo Pink Zebra and Benji!

Thanks, Scott! I’m so glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks for listening and thanks for your kind comments :)