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Awesome! Just heard this song on a commercial here in Australia, and thought “hey I know this :D it’s one of PinkZebra’s tunes!”

I didn’t see exactly – heard it on the TV in the background, but I did see at the end it was something to do with bike riding (I think it might have been charity cycling). I’ll have a quick look online and see if I can find it.

EDIT: Couldn’t find it, unfortunately. Doesn’t seem to be a video online anywhere :(

Thanks for the info. It’s always fun to hear how a track gets used :)


Hey, thanks very much! :)

Hi There do you have an instrumental version of this by any chance? Thanks, A

I have just seen that you have. Thanks A

Thanks! Your project looks great :) I’ll get a link up for you today. Good luck!

Nice track ! :)

Thank you! :)

Great Work!)))Very cool!:) Excellent ! I really like !

Hey, thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the song :)

Amazing! Really like the vocal

Hey, thanks very much! Yeah, Benji rocks the vocals :)

Perfect work! Cool!!!

Thanks very much, Dmitriy :)

I love your work! It makes my photography come to life for my clients. Thanks!

Thanks very much! I love to hear that :)

Nice song!!!

Thanks very much! :)

Good Vocal, mate :)

Thanks, Benji sounds awesome :)

Damn You :) I will buy this song no mater what client say – because i CAN! :)

Haha! Well, I appreciate that :) Glad you like the song!

great song!!! love it!

Thank you! :)

how to contact with you?)

You can send me an email through my profile page.

This is GREAT positive sound! I like it very much!!! Thank you :)

Thanks so much for purchasing a license! I’m thrilled that you enjoy the song and that it works well for your project :)

Video in Russian language but I think maybe it will be interesting for you :) https://youtu.be/CbdaoYym5w0

Great video! :)

This song is amazing! I heard the song every day on Spotify.

Thank you very much! :)

Awesome track !!

Thank you, Frost! :)

Amazing song! Congratulations!

Thanks, Cat! :)

Very high quality track! Excellent work!

Thanks, FuzzFish! :)

heard this track on a german tv spot today :)

Oh cool! Which one? :)


Thanks! :)