It's Alright

It's Alright

“It’s Alright” is a feel good and funky track with vibe, character and loads of toe tapping, hand clapping and head nodding groove! Stylistically a fusion of Indie Acoustic and Funk/Blues its sure to add something special to your project.

Lyrically positive, simple and catchy, with modern production values and good old fashioned soul! It comes with and without vocals for ultimate flexibility in editing.


0:00 – 4:06 With Vocals
4:07 – 8:13 Without Vocals


It’s Alright

Verse 1:
Grab a smile, put it on display
TO SHOW the world how you feel today
JUST Feel the music down in your soul
Let the rhythm take control

Verse 2:
Put on a strut, walk it down the street,
Top of your head to the soles of your feet
So Lift your voice make a joyful sound,
We’ll shake the world, turn it upside down

(Now It’s Alright )
We have found our way,
Its a brand new day for us
(Yeah It’s Alright)
Shining like a star
show the world just who you are
(Yeah It’s Alright)

Verse 3:
Ain’t in no rush now, take your time,
Watch all the pieces fall in line,
Dreams can be real, yeah that’s a fact,
Just follow your heart my friend and don’t look back

Verse 4:
Running wild, now running free
this is who we’re meant to be
We’ve only got one life to live,
and so we focus on the positive

Everything gunna be alright
Everything gunna be okay
Feel like I’m flying high
above the clouds today
Everything gunna be alright
Everything gunna be okay
This is a new beginning
This is a brand new day.

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