About the Track

Positive and upbeat track made with mandolin, accordion, guitars and more. The track, because of its style, is connected to italian culture and cuisine and its perfect addition for your project. This track can be used as a background for various types of projects, from food related (food vloggers, food bloggers, food reviews, restaurant commercials, various advertisements) to various documentary type projects about various mediterranean cultures and more.
To make your editing easer, multiple versions are available.

Composed by Rafael Krux
Production, mixing and mastering: Dual Horns Studio Ltd

Content and versions

Italia (1:36)
Italia Underscore (1:36) – version without any melody – starts at 1:36 in preview
Italia 60 (0:31) – approx 60 seconds cut – starts at 3:12 in preview
Italia 30 (0:17) – approx 30 seconds cut – starts at 4:17 in preview
Italia 15 (0:17) – approx 15 seconds cut – starts at 4:53 in preview

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About Dual Horns Studio Ltd

We are a small London, UK based music production studio creating high quality, royalty free music for multimedia.
As a team consisted of mainly two creatives – Rafael Krux, music composer and producer and Andrea Krux, female vocalist, our main goal is to produce music on everyday basis and taking it, with every track, one step further in quality and usability for content creators.
In portfolio you can find all kinds of styles, from small comedy cues for quirky and humour videos to big, gigantic and epic tracks, made with massive orchestra and epic choir to fit dramatic trailer or soundtrack projects.

Our music can be best described as: emotional, cinematic, epic, inspiring, motivational, orchestral, uplifting, soundtrack styled and it can be used in numerous applications such as commercials, trailers, video games, presentations, slide shows, photography projects, wedding projects, montages, film projects, movies, social media advertising, general advertising and marketing, blogger and vlogger projects and more.

Thank you for using our music and, hopefully, see you soon! :)