This is an epic metal/rock instrumental with a cinematic feel. It sounds anthemic and heroic and a lot of it has to do with its lush harmonies. Its atmospheric feel and mood make it perfect for teasers, trailers and montages. It is also a good choice for action or sports videos. Videos including any form of “modern chivalry” or heroism probably go well together with this piece.

The arrangement relies on a halftime drum beat and soaring guitar leads and harmonies while some synths spice up the track (included is also a version without the synth tracks).

In addition to the main version you get four alternate versions. These additional versions make your job easy as you can mix and match them to your project´s needs. You can hear all five versions in the preview.

Instruments used in this song:
-Bass guitar
-Distorted electric guitars

The purchased .ZIP file includes 5 different versions:
Main version (1:58)
Opener version (longer) (1:34)
Opener version (shorter) (0:27)
Logo version (0:14)
Main version without synths (1:58)

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