Happy Funny Upbeat

Happy Funny Upbeat


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FUNNY – commercial Funny and Happy folk music with mood of fun and happiness. Also this Funny kids folk made with playful chords, happy melody and cheerful harmony.

In this Funny and Happy folk I used: Fun acoustic guitars, happy ukulele, joyful rock drums, funny mute guitars, happy mute guitars and piano, joyful strings.

This Funny and Happy folk will be perfect for: funny family video, happy and funny compilations, fun and cheerful videos, joyful summer, children’s channels, children’s advertising, children’s show, funny youtube intros, fun projects, fun kids video, happy and funny advertising, funny adventure videos, cheerful vlogs, cheerful media and photography projects, funny and happy simple games and more.

This Funny and Happy folk sounds really Fun with cheerful and joyful melody. It is perfect to add a happiness to your project.

Included 5 versions of different length (in order as shown in preview):
  • FUNNY (Main) [1:30] preview @ 00:00
  • FUNNY (Medium) [1:01] preview @ 1:30
  • FUNNY (Short 1) [0:30] preview @ 2:31
  • FUNNY (Short 2) [0:12] preview @ 3:04
  • FUNNY (Loop) [0:12] preview @ 3:18

WAV and MP3 are included in the download package.

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