Epic RPG Pack

Epic RPG Pack


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(SB) – Our RPG pack contains a vast collection of epic compositions fitting for especially those kind of games. Full of aggressive and heroic music fit for the noblest and most furious of scenes. From a bitter defiant push to an angry, rage filled rush. We have it all! Looped to allow seamless use!

We hope you enjoy!

What you’ll get:

- 10 epic compositions
- wav and 320kbs mp3 files for each.
- 2 bonus loops (included in “path to victory”)

Every track/loop in order of appearance:

- 1: Fight for freedom
- 2: World at War
- 3: From Darkness Rise
- 4: Path to Victory Ext. Mix (includes bonus loops!)
- 5: Ambient Vibe
- 6: Day of War
- 7: Dying Heroes of the Sea
- 8: United Forces
- 9: Lost Woods
- 10: Lords of Legend

In short, over 18! minutes of useful audio for your epic adventures!

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