Cyber Hacker Action Pack

Cyber Hacker Action Pack

free music for videos Royalty free music for videos scores for commercials, media advertising, websites or video presentations (e.g. cyber security company, ransomware prevention) dealing with violent pg-rated games, like hack and slash or SF shooters. Great for stylish tech reviews, tutorials walkthroughs. Use it in scenes of advanced technology involved in hacking ops or intricate data breach heists performed by cool looking terrorist villains or a professional hacker dressed in black. It works for a stealth shooter, be it a first-person (or third-person) or even a platform zombie game, especially for the levels when the hero soldier must infiltrate an enemy military compound, with night vision, and he must remain undetected for the infiltration covert mission. Assassinations must be performed with mêlée weapons, like a knife, a garrote, brass knuckles, a stun gun tranquilizer and a pistol with a silencer. The tension suggests the ever present tactical armed guards or surveillance cameras. The same applies to dynamic action TV shows, about a thief, a spy or special agent, who must extract top secret papers intel from futuristic buildings with hi-tech security.


1. Mr. Hacker 3:20

A dark electro tech sounding hybrid cinematic cue for movie placement or motion picture trailers, inspired by Mac Quayle, Cliff Martinez or Trent Reznor. Built around a pulsing deep drone bass rhythm and eerie investigative arpeggio synth ostinatos, with an urgent, haunting, unnerving tension, this lurking underscore bed provides worrying suspense, disturbing underlays and sinister ticking clockwork danger. The mangled glitch distorted hybrid sonic design is modern and science fiction suitable, adding a foreboding tense energy and a sophisticated, slick, dark atmosphere, popular in investigative current events documentary or political thrillers dealing with paranoid anarchist eavesdroppers, cyber warfare, the threats of dark web (identity theft) and NSA or CIA leaks conspiracy theories. The undercover electronic pulses from the second half provide that forensics crime scene investigations mood, with episodes of thinking, observing, analyzing a clue or case breaking evidence.

2. Cyber Hacker Warfare 2:45

The following versions and loops are provided so that the music can be suited and edited to various visuals, including as background for game levels or epic trailers:

  • Full version (2:45)
  • Melody Loop (0:24)
  • Bass Loop 1 (0:48)
  • Bass Loop 2 (0:24)

The structure is based on an evolving mood of suspense and tension. The intro is a dark pad accompanied by driving percussions and numerous tech, glitch, interface sound effects, which add to the hacker oriented sound of the track. The first level of suspense is provided by a fast synth melody, before the deep dubstep bass comes in, with a pronounced sense of danger and tension, while maintaining a cool and modern hybrid sound, popular in secret agents and crime scene investigation type of films and TV shows. The intensity increases even more before a deep pulsing bass only breakdown, followed by a somewhat resolution sounding end section. Loops are provided to accommodate all your project’s musical needs.

3. Target Is on the Move 2:20

A dark, deep and rhythmic cinematic cue, in the style of modern hybrid film scores by Two Steps from Hell, AudioMachine, Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler or Steve Jablonsky. The track was designed for scenes of stealth pursuits and heist, spies following a villain or a sniper following his target through the scope of the rifle. The music contains numerous glitches and distorted dubstep bass wobbles and growls for an aggressive scifi sound. A deep deranged piano amplifies the tension and suspense in the middle part and a cinematic trailer like buildup brings everything to an epic finale. The distorted sounds and glitches have pure horror thriller type of sound, mainly a modern grindhouse type of horror. The overall dark and ominous sound is providing a sick atmosphere, suitable for gore stuff and graphic violent content.

4. Undetected Hacker 2:08

Loops are provided so that the levels of tension can be edited to suit numerous projects:

  • Full version (2:08) – it loops seamlessly for increased background usability
  • Loop 1 (0:24)
  • Loop 2 (0:24)

This is a looping hybrid cinematic score, designed as an underscore or a theme for action-adventure films or games. It contains both orchestral elements, as atmospheric strings or pizzi cellos, and electronic elements and effects, like distorted basses and sequences, to add a more modern or futuristic feel. There are four parts in the arrangement: the intro (composed of steady percussion and deep, dark, ominous strings and brass, as well several tension building effects); the electro sequence coming in on the second part suggests an advancement in the mission, as well as an increase of the potential danger; while the last part is suitable for the moment when the mission has taken a turn for the good and the goal is close to being achieved, which we can assume happened only during the resolved sounding outro.

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