Clothes Rustling

Clothes Rustling


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(OS) – Generic rustling sounds of a Corduroy Jacket. The package includes 10 cut up samples:

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_01 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_02 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_03 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_04 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_05 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_06 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_07 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_08 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_09 0:01

Clothes,Jacket,Corduroy,Rustle_10 0:01

Each sound comes in standard 44.1khz / 16 bit uncompressed wav and 320kbs mp3!

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