Brazil Football Cup

Brazil Football Cup

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+ Included in purchase: +3 loop’s.


This music with soul of Brazil!
Atmosphere of football and a great celebration!
Elements of samba and sounds different traditional Brazilian instruments create unique spirit of Brazil! All this combined with stylish sound of guitars! You can hear the sounds of instruments such as agogo, apito, timba, surdo, afuxe, caxixi, and different carnaval drums!
This music will underline your Brazilian football projects!

Record in this project by AmethistLab. All rights reserved.

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  1. Headlane – Brazil Football Cup – 1:54 (Preview starts at 0:00)
  2. Brazil Football Cup (loop 1) – 0:17 (Preview starts at 1:55)
  3. Brazil Football Cup (loop 2) – 0:17 (Preview starts at 2:14)
  4. Brazil Football Cup (loop 3) – 0:08 (Preview starts at 2:33)

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