Best Of Trailer Kit

Best Of Trailer Kit

This Music Kit is based on my original AudioJungle item: Best Of Trailer (1:15)

Best Of Trailer Kit is an huge hollywood, blockbuster “DubStep Trailer” track.

Best Of Trailer was made for use in a trailer, score, TV spot and soundtrack in such visual medias like a sci-fi, action, adventure, visionary, horror and thriller TV series and films; outer space, cosmos and science documentary, militaries, product adverts, commercials and video games.

Perfectly designed trailer soundtrack with 140BPM which keeps pure dark adventure with pulsing basses and screams.

 Best Of Trailer   comes up with this mix:

1. Best Of Trailer /Original Vocal Mix/ 1:15 – At demo preview starts from 0:00 up to 1:15

This demo was made using these sections: - 01 - 02 - 08 - 11 - 13 - 16

No Tails (0:13) / Tails (0:20) song sections:

1. Intro_1

2. Main_Part_1

3. Main_Part_2_With_Mega_Horns_No_Vocals

4. Main_Part_3_With_Mega_Horns_With_Vocals

5. Main_Part_4_Without_Mega_Horns_No_Vocals

6. Main_Part_5_Without_Mega_Horns_With_Vocals

7. Main_Part_6_Support_Strings_With_Mega_Horns_No_Vocals

8. Main_Part_7_Support_Strings_With_Mega_Horns_With_Vocals

9. Main_Part_8_Support_Strings_Without_Mega_Horns_No_Vocals

10. Main_Part_9_Support_Strings_Without_Mega_Horns_With_Vocals

11. Climax_1

12. Climax_2_No_Vocals

13. Full_Climax_1

14. Full_Climax_2_No_Vocals_With_Choirs

15. Full_Climax_3_No_Vocals_Without_Choirs

16. Last_Orchestral_Drop

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PDF Documetation with instructions and photo – screen from project is included. So you will definitly make any versions by your taste.

VIDEOHIVE AUTHORS: Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Just let me know so I can include a link!

Zip file includes WAV and high-quality MP3s for your convenience.