This Music Kit is based on my original AudioJungle item: Get Up (1:33)

Get Up is an inspirational track. This HipHop / Trap is a oldschool hip-hop track with A head nodding groove, which would suit those west coast gangsta Spring, Summer projects. Sunny mood, sea, beach, sand, and girls! Great banger for you

Ideal to use in slideshows, fashionshows, presentations where action, technology, news, energy, fresh and future are important concepts to be communicated.

Also I can imagine this track supporting promo videos, gangsta trailers, video trailers, game trailers or advertisement.

Two demos included in the zip:

1. Kit Mix based on my Audiojungle item Get Up (1:33)

At demo preview starts from 0:00 up to 1:33

2. Kit Mix (0:37)

At demo preview starts from 1:33 up to 2:11

Track Sections included in the zip:

Folder No Tails:

01.Intro_Strings_WAV_(0:02) 01.Intro_Sweeps_WAV_(0:02) 02.Main_Beats_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_DirtyBass_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_Chords_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_Pads_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_SoftPlucks_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_SuperPluck_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_Sweep_WAV_(0:10) 02.Main_Synths_WAV_(0:10) 03.Ending_DirtyBass_WAV_(0:15) 03.Ending_Chords_WAV_(0:15) 03.Ending_Pads_WAV_(0:15) 03.Ending_SoftPlucks_WAV_(0:15) 03.Ending_SuperPluck_WAV_(0:15) 03.Ending_Sweep_WAV_(0:10) 03.Ending_Synths_WAV_(0:15)

Folder Tails:

01.Ending_DirtyBass_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_Chords_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_Pads_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_SoftPlucks_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_Strings_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_SuperPlucks_WAV_(0:15) 01.Ending_Sweeps_WAV_(0:10) 01.Ending_WAV_(0:15)

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Get Up Kit

PDF Documetation with instructions and 4K screen from project is included. So you will definitly make any versions of Get Up by your taste.

VIDEOHIVE AUTHORS: Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Just let me know so I can include a link!

Zip file includes WAV and high-quality MP3s for your convenience.


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