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Length of each… Please can you supply an average time?


Done. ;)

Thanks Louisem :)

Man your good.. you should do this for a living… lol.. how many times have you heard that.

Thank you idealbrand! Doesn’t matter how many times, each time is as encouraging as the first, your comments are very much appreciated :D

hey where is your

cloudless days?

Hi Jono, Cloudless days is one of the tracks from the Flashden asset library that is used by authors as a demo track. Unfortunately it is not available for sale on the site right now..

If you would like I could compose something similar in style. Just let me know.

man, i wish i woulda bought the pack. i find myself downloading them individually as i need em. haha, costed me more…haha great work guy.


ToT Purchased

Wonderful work! :)

Thanks ToT, much appreciated :)

I have just downloaded these, great stuff. I need .wav format though. Where can I get these from?

Found Return To Joy and googled it to find more. This music comes from a creative soul ... so glad you found a way to express your gift with us. I’m gonna love to listening to these while I’m working. purchased after post

Great music – could you send me the .wav version too

Many thanks from Hamburg, Germany

Hey Eurobins! Sure I can, just send me a mail through my page, or tell me your email address

Thanks! :)

amazing work!!!

thx man all the best to you.

greetings from Klagenfurt Austria

Can I get this with a personal license? I have no intention of creating a website. I just want to put it on my iPod.


Sorry M, unfortunately this item is not available with a personal license. :( Thanks for your interest though. :)

Easily and beautifully :)

Thank You!