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Hi there, I’m Adrien. I help run the Quality Team for the AudioJungle marketplace. Looking forward to hearing your awesome tracks!

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Popular loops:
Shades of Night mysterious piano ambiance with light filtered percussion.
Office After Hours Chilled quiet sedated ambiance.
Inspired for Life Positive and motivated corporate music.
Ancient Echoes Emotional and moving piece with harp and strings.
My Elixir Upbeat yet downtempo chilled music. Slightly sad, hopeful.
Alpha Omega Experimental ambient lounge atmosphere.
On the Rocks Sophisticated, stylish and contemporary fashion loop.
Quantum Motion Nice flowing corporate electronica tones.
Shrivelled Dissonance Exotic ambient textures and futuristic sounds on a cool beat.
Bossa Andromeda Futuristic space jazz ambiance.
Kitchen Showroom Pleasant jazzy loop with piano melody and guitar support.
Crystal Chrysalis Calm quiet bells theme, meditative ambiance.
Moon Drops Nice little quiet ambient electro with very light percussion.
Jazzy Cracker Light and catchy little jazz loop

Longer Tracks
Return to Joy A positive, rewarding track of happiness, achievement and accomplishment.
September Melancholie Ambient and sad cinematic piece.
Rain Waltz Longer, heavy cinematic waltz movement.
Nostalgia Long, slow, cinematic piano and strings.
Sleeping Willows Slower, sentimental and moving piano solo piece.
Lonely Dusk Melancholic piano piece, still sad and ambient.
Moonlit Waltz A moving, subtle, classical waltz with piano and strings.
Serenity A thoughtful and pensive mood piece.
Aqua Vitae A contemplative and soothing spiritual journey

Classical Piano
Polyphonie 0008 Polyphonic piano composition with interweaving melodic lines
Fantasia in C#m, Another polyphonic piece, strong and evocative.
Little Ludvig Van Light and happy melody in classical style, inspired by the fashion of Beethoven.

See the classical section for more ;)

Hidden Gems : Nice loops that haven’t been bought much yet…
Into the Blue Light, pleasant and free floating. A nice electronic loop.
Shadows of the West Ambient atmosphere of slow strings and electronica.
Tunnels Another peaceful hybrid ambient atmosphere, sorrowful strings in space.
Vox Electronix A cool futuristic electronic atmosphere ambiance of vocoded synths.
The Lost A nice, ambient and sad piano themed loop.
Touching Shadows A quiet shadowy background electronic ambiance.

Other loops of mine you might like

Последний кайф
Safari Serengeti
Trance Elated
Celestial Spheres
Twisted Mango The Phreaker

...and if you want a few button sounds : 25 Quiet interface sounds

General Info

NOTE regarding my loops : Due to the intention of getting loops to play seamlessly, sometimes you will hear a trailing bit of the end of the loop at the beginning. This is intentional for seamless playing without an audible cut or skip. A solution to reduce the audible trail when the loop starts is simply to fade the beginning of loop in when the music starts, in Flash. Hope that helps some! :)

Happy flashing, and thank you very much for supporting my work. :)


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