Audio offers production music in a wide spectrum of musical styles and purposes. our team hosts multimedia artists, professional composers, live musicians as well as marketing and business consultants – to produce the best sounds for our customer’s products. we invigorate your websites, product videos, project presentations, multimedia shows, podcasts and webzines with just the emotional and heart touching sound they deserve.

meeting of highest sound quality and professional production standards is our credo but most of all we love doing one thing: creating great and emotional music:
  • action packed sports tracks
  • relaxed sounds for business videos
  • inspirational mindlifting music
  • epic orchestral scores
  • broad musical scapes for naturefilms
  • electro hitech and IT tracks
  • emotional piano and guitar music
  • jazzy loungemusic
  • earthy rockmusic
  • industrial/ cyberpunk

apart from hosting our sounds here on audiojungle we offer tailored music for your projects via our website.
enjoy our music and sharing the links to your projects is appreciated