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  • Most Popular AudioJungle Songs

    Most Popular AudioJungle Songs

    By vaisnava

    These are the songs that seem to be the most popular with listeners on AudioJungle. :)

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  • Inspiration


    By vaisnava

    Music for inspire... from fast past uplifting beats and melodies to internally provoking peaceful self determination and strength. Here your heart can smile.

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  • Meditation


    By vaisnava

    Songs for the feeling of peace, relaxing, and introspection. Perfect for the background of your projects needing to actively engage the listener in deep reflection. Yoga, mantra, chanting, reflection, prayer and love.

    37 Items
  • Corporate
    12 Items
  • Chillout Downtempo

    Chillout Downtempo

    By vaisnava

    Laidback, relaxed, and hypnotic groovey vibes live here.

    20 Items
  • Uplifting, Relaxing &  Meditative

    Uplifting, Relaxing & Meditative

    By vaisnava

    Backgrounds, atmospheres, swirling melodies, ambient melodies and meditative relaxation and inspiration...

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    3 ratings
  • Healing


    By vaisnava

    Here you will find songs inspired by nothing but love, kindness, gentleness, healing, wholeness, and peaceful reflection upon the world and life. <3

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  • Techno, Trance, House

    Techno, Trance, House

    By vaisnava

    All that techno, dance, trance, house sound... from old school to new school.

    40 Items
  • Ambient Piano

    Ambient Piano

    By vaisnava

    Ethereal and ambient spaces that fill the voids with emotion, inspiration, and healing.

    21 Items
  • Modern Electronic

    Modern Electronic

    By vaisnava

    This collection is a combination of upbeat electronic songs ranging from trance, house, techno, dubstep, drum n bass, club, and experimental.

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  • Uplifting
    4 Items
  • Unique and authentic

    Unique and authentic

    By vaisnava

    This is where you will find truly authentic music... truly one of a kind.

    39 Items