Tortoise Tree Productions

Tortoise Tree Productions is a music-production studio specialising in creating audio for production libraries (like AudioJungle) and creating music for Commercials, Documentaries and Computer games. We also love writing Jazz too!

The Story

Tortoise Tree Productions started out as roughly-sketched idea by a group of musician-friends hanging out in a pizzeria in Boston late one night. We thought, if only there was a way to get music to clients direct without them having to pass through the hassle of lawyers, agents etc…. we wanted to be a production studio like none other combining high quality audio with super easy and relaxed customer relations!

We scrambled whatever gear we had (at the time, barely what could be considered a recording studio) and began to jam and compose together constantly trying to get better and reach a level where we could compete with far larger and and more experienced production studios.

We truly were a rag tag team of aspiring musicians with an incredibly mixed background. There was difficulty at first, we didn’t know what direction we were going and most of us had been producing in very different environments so it took a lot for us to get used to working with each other. Of course, there were personnel changes and the normal pains associated with growth. But with those pains also came the fruits of victory as slowly we began to gain more and more clients and also more of a name for ourselves in the production-music field.

Currently the studio is based in Sydney, Australia.The studio now centres around Antonio Lorenzo Carino (Antonio Carino), the lead composer and founder of Tortoise Tree Productions yet the studio still records with a large variety of local musicians and also receives contributions from other composers/producers in the initial Tortoise Tree Team!

The Composers/Producers

Antonio Lorenzo Carino (Antonio Carino) – Lead Composer and Studio Director. Antonio originally started as an Architectural Engineer back in England but now composes and produces music for all sorts of media. He currently runs Tortoise Tree Productions out of Sydney, Australia with a large variety of local talent.

Taisuke Kimura – Taisuke is an extremely talented and versatile film composer from Tokyo, Japan. Taisuke has a unique aesthetic sense when it comes to music. His compositions are always perfectly balanced and have a very warm and organic feel to them.

Ángel Acuña Paz – Angel is a gifted producer hailing from Galicia, in Northern Spain. A multi-instrumentalist, Angel has a unique talent for mixing catchy tunes with complex musical ideas.

What We Do (and custom work)

Tortoise Tree Productions specialises in production music for music libraries (like AudioJungle) but also takes clients in for custom work in the following fields:



Computer Games

We also love doing background music like Jazz and New Age!

We pride ourselves in the speed and reliability of our services and our rates are very competitive.

To inquire about our rates or our 48h rush service please send an email to the “contact us” box to the right or email direct to

What We DON’T Do

Here at Tortoise Tree we take audio very seriously and are specialists. We’ve done lots of documentaries, games and commercials and know that is what we do best. Due to our schedule and studio setup certain projects we generally don’t do:


Contemporary Pop songs

Electronica/Dance music

VideoHive Authors

Please feel free to use any of our tracks for previews of your items. We always like to help other people in our community. In exchange please do include a link back to our music and also please tell us where you used it so we can cross promote it!

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