Hello there!

I’m a songwriter/producer based in the southern parts of Sweden. I love all kinds of music and try to give everything a chance.

Contact me if you need an alternate edit of any of my items. I can quickly make any item loopable, or into 30-second or 60-second versions.

Custom Work

If you want a song written just for your project, my rates are:
$100 per minute of a simple song (1 or two instruments)
$200 per minute for a more complex song, involving more instruments.

To all other Envato marketplace authors: Feel free to use my music in your projects, as long as you link back to the original item. Thanks!

To all buyers: I would love to hear what you’ve used my music/sounds for, just drop me an e-mail.


VideoHive projects featuring my music:

YouTube users: If you get an ”Acknowledged third party content” match, just go to www.adrev.net/contact-us and enter your license details and it will be removed within 24 hours.

Or you can contact me directly and I will clear your video for you right away.

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