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Motivational short piece featuring snaps, claps & stomps. 

With acoustic instruments like guitars and piano, this piece is perfect for advertising and uplifting projects.

Enjoy the success!


Who is TentaclesMusic?

Thanks for checking my Audiojungle’s profile!

This is the non-exclusive profile of Lead Composer & Co “Gines Camilleri”.

I have being a composer for many years, if you check my ImdB profile you’ll see some of the projects I have being involved with.

I set up to form a team of composers and sound designers to meet all your audio needs called TentaclesMusic. I specialize in cinematic custom music. But I have experience in a wide range of tasks within the Audio/Video world, all the way from sound design to surround sound mix for cinema release to the current industry standars.

If you have a budget for custom music in your project, dont hesitate to email me.



Note to VideoHive Authors

You may use any of my preview tracks for your VideoHive items.

There’s no need to email me about consent, but please send me an email once your project is up and running with a link so it can be included in my profile to help promote each other’s work. Thanks! – TentaclesMusic.