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AudioJungle Advanced Search on Soundizer.com

1. Locate AudioJungle undefined track by sample
Click here to locate AudioJungle undefined track by mp3 sample or by youtube video.

2. Advanced Search for AudioJungle tracks
Use wide range of filters (see here on the left panel) by Length, BPM, Categories, Sales, Rating, Creation Date and etc. to find specific track that you need.

3. Search for AudioJungle tracks by mood
Click to heatmap area to drill down into subcategories and moods.

Bright Positive Optimistic Motivational Uplifting Happy Fun Energetic Powerful Relax Calm Atmospheric Epic Dark Tenson Horror Aggressive Dramatic Suspense Mysterious Romantic Sentimental Magical Dreamy Sad Old Retro
4. Search for AudioJungle tracks by authors
Find tracks using filters by authors sales and rating or by authors name

For AudioJungle authors

1. Do you know how many VideoHive authors are using your tracks?
Find out how many VideoHive authors are using your tracks in their videos. Find your track at soundizer.com and click “Search in videos” link:
2. Tracking VideoHive videos
If you want to get email notifications about new VideoHive items with your tracks welcome with +1 here Track new VideoHive videos with Soundizer.

3. You have a big AudioJungle portfolio? Or nobody can’t find your best track?
Provide buyers with the tool for searching your tracks.
Place the link at your profile page:


Don’t forget to replace text “YOUR_NAME” to your AudioJungle login name and it should work!
Here are some code samples to embed banners into your profile pages:

<a href="http://search.soundizer.com/?FilterByAuthorName=on&AuthorName=AUTHOR_NAME"><img src="http://soundizer.com/img/banner5.png" /> </a>

<a href="http://search.soundizer.com/?FilterByAuthorName=on&AuthorName=AUTHOR_NAME"><img src="http://soundizer.com/img/banner6.png" /> </a>

<a href="http://search.soundizer.com/?FilterByAuthorName=on&AuthorName=AUTHOR_NAME"><img src="http://soundizer.com/img/banner4.png" /> </a>

<a href="http://search.soundizer.com/?FilterByAuthorName=on&AuthorName=AUTHOR_NAME"><img src="http://soundizer.com/img/banner7.png" /> </a>

<a href="http://search.soundizer.com/?FilterByAuthorName=on&AuthorName=AUTHOR_NAME"><img src="http://soundizer.com/img/banner8.png" /> </a>