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Our composers and music producers have years of experience working in the industry as audio specialists and music producers, followed by university degrees in audio engineering.  All of our work is professionally mixed and mastered in a post-production studio to meet industry media standards, using top quality equipment and software the music industry has to offer.

Please get in touch if you need edits or modifications.

Our Clients


We have worked with a diverse clientele accross many industries including film directors, TV stations, record labels, music & video blogs, and production companies. Our recent clients include Hewlet Packard (HP), Universal Music, Bacardi, British Scotland Yard, London 2012 Olympics, HuUge, Chillsters, Drinkwater Productions, Greater Manchester Police, Princess Trust, Nervous records, Game City 8 Festival, Jessica Baah, Martin Hollis (Godeneye 007/Nintendo), and many more… 

Video Hive Authors

Please feel free to use this music in your next preview! Please send us a message with a link to your project and we will credit you in the item’s description. 

Need something custom?

We are open to freelance work! Please send us an email to discuss your project’s needs.


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