YouTube Content ID & Copyright Notices

Dear buyers, Youtube content ID is protecting my works from unlicensed uses. This means a copyright claim will normally appear on your youtube monetized video once it is published. If you experience this problem. We’re working with HAAWK and It’s very easy to clear. Please follow these steps :

  1. Visit
  2. Fill the information they need, provide a link to your video and include the license certificate you have from Audiojungle.
  3. Well done. It should be cleared within 24-96 hours.
Alternatively you may also dispute on youtube or reach out to me here or through my social media platforms. I’ll be happy to solve this issue for you.

For more detail about how to clear a YouTube copyright notice, please read : Buyers Guide to YouTube Content ID & Copyright Notices

Thank you for buying and happy production!

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About Rainforest Audio

Founded in 2018 by Rain and Bayu, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer, Rainforest Audio is a music production studio dedicated to making cinematic stories (the moment of emotional downfall, battle, tragedy, revenge, glory and defeat) through audio works. Specialized in fantasy/sci-fi soundtrack productions for performing arts, film trailers, video games, advertisings and other media productions. Genres : pop, cinematic, fantasy, new age, sentimental. Moods : chill, dark, angry, inspiring, joyful, romantic, emotional, fierce, epic, heroic. Instruments : guitar, piano, violin, synth, percussions, choirs and orchestra instruments. Public released albums : - Battle Fury (2021) - Tears of Glory (2020) - Sweeter than Sugar (2019) - Space Adventures (2018) Music created by : Rain / Bayu / Audio Predator / Rainforest Audio

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