Music done by humans. Feel the difference.

Welcome to my musical portfolio .

Working for ten years in a multinational advertising agency gave me the opportunity to combine my two greatest professional passions: Music and advertising.

At the department of audiovisual production one of my main work was to advise the department on the best creative music for our campaigns , whether original or pre-existing music .

During that period devoted to advertising (and more specifically the advertising music ) and culturing in parallel my role as a musician grew the idea of dedicating to compose and produce music intended for audiovisual market.

I learned that it is not enough to create the best music but it also has to serve the needs of the support in fixing either an advertising campaign for TV , radio, internet, spot TV a web or an Smartphone App .

After the stage BBDO ‘ve dedicated to composing and producing music for advertising, film and TV , having worked for clients such as Coca -Cola , Renault, Burger King, Gillette , Mitsubishi , Pepsi , Siemens, Mc Donalds, Toyota etc.. over ten years ,

Choosing the best music and the most suitable for your project is as important as choosing the best photograph or illustration , the best text , best actor or best model.

As a musician I am involved in many projects, such as the first symphony orchestra of electric guitars: Sinfonity

- Music is my passion and I try to be noticed in what you hear . Everything you hear here is real . There are not computer which composing o performing.

- Music in my portfolio is exclusive, you will not find it anywhere else .

- Please contact me for any suggestions, questions or project in which I could help .

- Votes and comments are welcome.

Thank you very much for listening to my music. I hope you find it useful

Oscar Sanz.