All tracks recorded in adrev!!!!!!!! Contact with me: ........................... If you liked some kind of track, but do not like the sound, contact me for a remastering. replacement of the item 2 hours.

Business – a collection of background music for the video design company presentations, Power Point presentations. This collection is designed to make your project more expressive and stylish. The collection includes different in structure, duration, and sound tracks. you are sure to find something that suits your project.


Inspiration – a collection of background music with surround sound. In Collections gathered tracks from a variety of sounds, from synthetic to natural, but they are exactly the mood “to inspire.” This music inspires hope and raise confidence in the future.


Advertising – a collection of short tracks of different genres. Purpose: primarily advertising. You can also use the video screen savers, intro, short video sequences. Very convenient.


Children – a collection of background music for a variety of children’s video projects. suitable for educational videos, home videos, computer video games and much more. In this collection you will find a different mood music that can be observed in children: cheerful, confused, funny, funny, cute, quiet, and mnoe more. all tracks are created because of the sounds are like children: ukulele, knockers, bells, shakers, bells and more.


Positive – Music widespread use. In contrast to children’s music, presented here for the creation of tracks destkih projects, and for the older age group. Each track will find its place in any youth video blog.


Travel – collection of background music for videos about travel. Here you will find a variety of motivating music, of varying duration, mood, brightness, for the most beautiful and sophistication of video projects. Music with a sense of mission and’s aspirations.


City – a city that breathes music. Collection of motivational songs that enliven the city landschafty. This is a collection with a light music as sound and dark dance. Well suited for processing krearivnyh ideas for design projects for youtube. Different styles of music: indie, club, corporate and more.


Electric – a collection of background music. preferably with a neutral mood. Music of different brightness, height above the ground. Well suited for shooting video projects.


Fashion – a collection of tracks for those who follow the fashion. here are collected tracks of various genres, very bright and trendy. Well suited for registration prompts, advertising, fashion, trends in the world.


Folk and Ethnic – Collection of background music with a natural acoustic sound. Suitable for projects where you have to emphasize the naturalness. For example: nature, park, walk, friendship and more. The collection includes tracks with different brightness, quiet and loud, inspiring and soothing. If you need assistance in selection, please contact me by email.


Holidays – assembly festive music. Everything here is simple.


Movie Trailer – a collection of background music for registration of a movie trailer. as well will work in presentations, advertising. The collection also includes occasional moments of cinema.


Relaxed – a collection of quiet background music for various business projects, review video video Portillo. Music with spatial, soft sound. Dominated by electronic sounds. Music and air environment.


speed – a collection of music for rapid movement. well suited for video games, video screen savers.


Wedding – A collection of romantic beautiful music for delicate and vivid video. well suited for photo slide show. Tracks collected different sound, every track is different.


logo – Assembling audio logos for all occasions.


Sounds – a collection of sound effects for decoration of various video projects and video games.