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Specialists in House, EDM, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Corporate, Cinematic, Ambient, Logo / Idents and more!

About Us

Midnight Resistance Audio draws from over 20 years of musical experience to provide the best possible audio experience.

Our in-house music producer has been a DJ since 1996 and making music since 1999 and has had many releases on many record labels including the ever-popular large dance music label System Recordings of New York.

He has worked with German electro band “Nude” as a producer on various projects. He has worked with many well-known house music producers. He has a large selection of the best music production software available to ensure the tracks for sale are cutting-edge and fresh.

What We Do

Our in-house producer specializes in House, Electro, EDM, Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Ambient / Soundscapes, Old Skool Breakbeats, Old Skool House, Corporate music, Medieval / RPG tracks, Cinematic / Orchestral and Logos / Idents. Due to his versatility we are able to offer a wide selection of different genres suitable for almost any project.

Each track is composed using a selection of the best available music creation software and VSTs.

Tracks are optimized in-studio to ensure they sound great on everything from a club sound system to a tiny phone speaker or budget TV.

We will generally provide different mixes of tracks, short loops, longer loops and full blown tracks with or without tails as we understand different projects require different starts and endings.

We provide the sounds in full quality WAV file format and often 320k MP3 (see specific track listing for details) other formats are available so please contact us if you require another format.

Do you think one of our tracks would be suitable for your project with a little alteration? We can tailor-make tracks to suit your project, please contact us for details. :grin:

Please note: ALL of my tracks are written and produced by me. Each track is unique, you won’t find tons of 99% simular tracks cloned from the same track here. Unlike certain other new artists on Audiojungle I am selling 100% my own work. You will NEVER have to deal with legal action as I have full rights to sell licenses to my own work. Keep legally safe, buy from MidnightResistanceAudio or other fully legitimate authors.

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